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About Face is not just an organization but a mission and a movement. The mission to help those who need another chance in life is a movement worth creating a safe environment so people can have a significant level of comfort that fosters growth. About Face are such a place and such an environment.


The therapeutic services provided to its specific population are necessary to help each jewel process through various challenges in order to make better choices in life. About Face is sensitive to the individual’s needs and takes a person-centered approach when engaging jewels. At About Face, it is important for the jewels to know that they are supported in every way. That support includes caring for each jewel’s mental health.


Having the client’s mental health as a central component of the process is necessary because the jewels of About Face are facing challenges of breaking cycles and making positive change. Since the jewel desires to be a productive citizen of society, the therapeutic process helps with ensuring these goals are accomplished. It is an honor to be a part of About Face and I look forward to all the success stories birth from the passion to help

others change their lives!

Rasheda L. Anderson, Licensed Counselor

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