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The About Face Program (AFIC) provides life skills and job readiness for people who have been incarcerated and living with mental illness. AFIC has been into disenfranchised communities and engaged in group activities to identify the potential skills of the clients. We have serviced group homes, Georgia Health Partners in Decatur, Trinity House in Atlanta, and North Georgia Recovery Center in Kennesaw, to list a few.  We provide our clients, who we affectionately call Jewels, with individual counseling services to have an awakening moment through AFIC.

About Face International Corporation is a non-profit corporation and shall operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes as specified in Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code. The specific purpose of About Face International Corporation is to provide previously incarcerated and disabled individuals an opportunity for training and growth, resulting in a second chance in life to become a viable asset to society.


To provide individuals opportunities for a second chance through alliances with practitioners and stakeholders in varying fields such as counseling, workshops, and specialized program assistance focused on job readiness. These partnerships will further aid a positive and lasting transition into the workforce. 


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We refer to our clientel as Jewels. We remind our Jewels, staff, and community of the great value that our "Jewels" are to society. Dignity, self-respect, and professionalism are key themes in our program. 



This organization is a six-month social and professional development  training program.

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Transitional Salary

We provide a bi-weekly transitionary salary to the Jewels. 

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housing & Housing assistance

We provide transitional housing for Jewels that need it. We also help Jewels to situate themselves into permanent housing. 

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Employment Coaching

Peer-to-Peer employment readiness coaching.

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Our supportive sources will take place in a group setting through education and transforming the mind to prepare for day-to-day living in society and the workplace. Jewels that have a mental illness and desire work sometimes find it extremely difficult to achieve. AFIC wants to build their confidence by having Certified Peer Specialists and other practitioners to assist with this endeavor.  Role-playing will accomplish this goal to develop the skills and confidence to engage in any given situation successfully.

One of the goals of AFIC is that the Jewels of the program will better understand people and their characteristics. We believe that people who have been incarcerated can develop a mental illness due to the stress of the prison lifestyle. With society's negative stigma about former inmates and those living with mental illness, AFIC hopes to offer coping skills for the Jewels to develop through the scheduled six-month courses. These courses will help identify early warning signs that can trigger negative actions and apply coping skills for a positive outcome.

Here at AFIC, we understand that the past and present contribute to the future. Our goal is to provide hope, self-confidence, healing, and a vision for the reunification of families. The acquired skill set the Jewels will obtain will better serve the community, lower the crime rate, and exhibit productive citizens of society. We want to show the Jewels how to walk in their truth and that life is not over. 

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