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What Are Certified Peer Specialists?

CPS are people that identify themselves with a wellness/illness. They are people who are recognized by the State of Georgia, as a person that can support a person that lives with an illness/wellness, trauma, and substance use.


Walking with our peers, that we render service to; every step of the way. What is so precious about a CPS is that they are relatable and are people with an illness/wellness. CPS are not your traditional Mental Health services. David Kolb, who did a study on Adult learners, states adults learn by lived experiences. There is nothing like being able to relate to people.


When someone understands what a person has been through and what has happened in their lives, it makes all the difference. However, this is the same approach that is taken here at About-Face International Corporation. I would call this a judge free zone, why?


Because we are not perfect people and this is not a perfect world.Our main objective is to provide our peers with coping skills, and tools from our training through the Georgia Consumer Mental Health Network, that will equip our peers in an imperfect world.


About-Face International Corporation, the CPS here will be walking with our peers all the way to the job and providing them with support as they work, some have never worked and for others working is a hard task. However, with a CPS and the staff here at AFIC, providing wrap-around service, during your time for support.


I would like to leave you with one of my quotes.

"People that have an illness/wellness are privileged people. Why are we privilege people? Because we know what is wrong with us, and we have been told by a licensed physician, what is wrong with us. How can a person work on something, if they do not know what is wrong? The question remains, what is right?"


Ricke L. Willis Jr., BA, MDiv, CPS-Wh, CEO

Done Deal
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