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We provide individuals a second chance through partnerships with professional practitioners and stakeholders in varying specialties such as counseling, workshops, and specialized program assistance that is focused on job readiness. These partnerships will further aid a positive and lasting transition into the workforce.

Allies in the mission

We provide education by offering free counseling and training by qualified instructors. These instructors teach Jewels how to perform job searches, use computer software, and create professional resumes in public venues, and utilize social media and corporation websites. These instructors provide facts, statistics, and other related data on the causes and solutions to decrease the growing number of people that are affected by the lack of training due to incarceration or a disability. 


The following allies are included in our support of the Jewels:


Athens-Clarke County Unified Government

We are recipients of the Athens-Clarke County Cultivating Nonprofit Capacity Grant. This grant is given to non profit organizations to grow their nonprofit and achieve additional success.

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